Why have a survey?

It is often said that a property purchase is the largest single financial commitment you will make in your lifetime.

It therefore makes sense to establish whether the property that you would like to buy is affected by defects or other issues that might affect your decision – or might justify renegotiation of the agreed purchase price.

Forewarned is forearmed and, of course, it is best to obtain good advice before making a legal commitment to the purchase, in order to avoid any unexpected surprises later.


Will the Mortgage Valuation Suffice?

If you are buying a home with the assistance of a mortgage, the lender will probably commission a valuation report, to confirm whether the property provides acceptable security for the loan.

Although it is often paid for by the purchaser, the valuation is intended solely to satisfy the requirements of the lender.

It is not a survey – and you should not rely on it, when deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Before exchanging contracts, therefore, you should obtain independent, specialist advice from a Chartered Surveyor.


So what are the Options?

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